Palen Design Website
Launch Project
In the fall of 2004, Nanwob Solutions was contracted by Hannah Ha, a renown jewelry designer, to e-commerce-enable her company's collection. Palen Design required extensive work in integrating a complex product database, management interface, shopping cart, and payment gateway. Using advanced "on the fly" image generation techniques and extensive knowledge of on demand credit card verification, Nanwob Solutions was able to provide, from ground up, a comprehensive solution. The client gained the ability to update product description, coupon codes and discounts, press releases, among other items, remotely and easily. Transactions are logged and real-time credit card processing was handled through interface with's Advanced Integration Method.

Technologies Utilized:

  • Photoshop (Graphic Design)
  • HTML
  • PHP + GD Library (Administration Interface, registration system, and graphics manipulation)
  • MySQL (storing of orders, products etc.)
  • Ecommerce Integration