Unirents Inc. Website
Launch Project
In Early 2004, Nanwob Solutions was contracted to design and develop a website for Unirents Inc., an equipment rental company. Unirents Inc. required a large database of items with "non-standard" descriptions and rental durations to be presented to online users for renting. Linking the entire website to a database, an administration panel was developed which allowed the client to maintain their product database easily was built from ground up to facilitate limited maintenance work. Advanced graphics manipulation libraries were used in this project to modify pictures "on the fly" that were uploaded by the client to constrain size and other factors. In addition, an advanced Reservation system was created to facilitate rentals.

Technologies Utilized:

  • Photoshop (Graphic Design)
  • HTML
  • JavaScript (validation and form modification)
  • PHP + GD Library (Administration Interface, registration system, and graphics manipulation)
  • MySQL (storing of orders, products etc.)